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Find out how co-hosting an event with us can benefit you and your business, while we cover all of the costs!

Add value to your clients

Partnering with Croner to co-host an event for your clients, partners or members is a unique opportunity to provide them with free information and updates on the ever-changing world of employment law, plus some pragmatic advice to help your business to grow.

We recognise that no matter the size, structure or sector, every business shares some key, common challenges – like meeting their employment relations, reducing absenteeism and ensuring your contracts and documentation are fully compliant.

How it works

Co-hosted seminars are complimentary and organised by our events team. Our qualified Expert Employment Consultants will provide your clients with on the spot strategies and advice for all their workplace relations matters.

Co-Host Event

Up for Discussion

The topics we cover are constantly changing in-line with real-time events and updates, our most requested topics include:

  • Recent changes in employment law
  • Handling difficult conversations
  • Dealing with an under-performing worker
  • Reducing absenteeism in the workplace
  • Good Work Plan
  • Health & Safety
  • The Gig Economy

What are the benefits to your business?

  • Increase client retention by offering free access to training events
  • Build relationships through face-to-face interaction with your client database
  • The perfect platform to update them on developments within your business
  • Incentives for Successfully referring your Clients to Croner

What are the benefits to your clients?

  • Help to protect their business through expert, practical training tips
  • Industry-specific advice to help them grow their business
  • Important updates on Employment Law and Health & Safety legislation
  • Smart solutions to Employment Law and Health & Safety issues

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