COVID-secure Car Sharing

By Fiona Burns
10 Dec 2020

We’re entering the months where car safety is crucial. Whether employees drive as part of their role, or just to get to work, they should take precautions.

This year, there is the added hazard of COVID-19. If they drive alone, then this isn’t necessarily an issue. However, if they car share, or require others to enter their vehicle, COVID transmission is a risk.

It’s important that car sharing is kept to an absolute minimum. Car sharing should only occur where there is no other option for transport, or where required for the role.

Here are some basic rules to limit transmission:



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COVID-secure Car Sharing

1. Symptoms

Don’t enter a vehicle if you have symptoms. Book a COVID-19 test and isolate.

2. Wear a mask

If you’re sharing a vehicle with others outside your bubble, you need to wear a mask. No exceptions.

3. Wash your hands

Sanitise your hands before you get into the car, and after you leave the car.

4. Keep windows open

This will help reduce the risk of transmission.

5. Maintain space

Everyone should sit as far apart as possible. Under no circumstances should you have more than five passengers.

6. No singing

We understand the urge to sing, particularly on long drives. However, shouting and singing increase the risk of transmission, so keep your lips sealed.

7. Clean hot spots

As a passenger, avoiding touching any areas of the car that you don’t need to touch. Clean high contact points such as door handles.

Expert support 

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Fiona Burns

Fiona Burns has practical experience in Health & Safety and Risk Management having worked for major insurer prior to joining Croner.

She has gained extensive helpline experience offering competent advice and timely support to large number of clients, in various industries and at all levels.  Completed the NEBOSH General Certificate, also passed NEBOSH Environmental Diploma Unit A, (IOSH Managing Environmental responsibilities). NEBOSH Fire and Risk Management Certificate, FPA Advance Fire Training, NCRQ Diploma – Distinction currently completing IPD and volunteering for Community project in Atherstone also as a Dementia support worker with CWPT.


Fiona Burns

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