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Human resources issues can cripple an organisation - even with a dedicated HR team. Our HR and Employment Law services in Edinburgh can help ensure you stay on top of any changes and out of employment tribunals.

HR Services & Solutions for Edinburgh based employers

Employment law changes can happen regularly and, with one change your handbooks and contracts can become outdated. Not only this but handling disputes between your employees can escalate to a costly tribunal claim, and admin errors can have long-lasting effects on your employee's morale and retention.

To help combat this, Croner offers a HR outsourcing service in Edinburgh, to help small and large businesses keep on top of their HR tasks.

Our team of experts will ensure that your issues are dealt with professionally, legally, and as quickly as possible.

Expert human resource management

Croner's experts have an average of 15 years of experience in HR and Employment Law.

Looking at hundreds of contracts, handbooks and policies every month, our experts can spot anything wrong and will know the best practices to solve the issue, while helping you to develop a better and more effective HR strategy.

After an initial meeting with a qualified expert, you will have access to our HR and Employment Law consulting services. These will help you to tackle any issue with ease.

Rest assured that our experts have experienced every problem employers can face, and we've been sharpening our HR services in Edinburgh for over 80 years.

Our qualified experts will take care of your HR, leaving you to do what you do best, run your business. 

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Ensure Edinburgh HR Compliance

Your problems don’t begin and end with legal obligations when running a business. You need HR service solutions that fit your business, and the issues you face day-to-day.

We’ll keep you informed of the employment law updates in Edinburgh your company needs to know through regular communications. Any documentation changes that are needed by law will be addressed during contract & handbook reviews.

We are more than just a tick-box service. We’ll provide you with guidance on the legislation affecting you via our management consultancy services, including:

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Save time, money & protect your business

The worst thing you can do is wait until there’s a problem to research solutions. Defend against issues and tackle developing ones by being proactive. Get the expertise of the leading HR services in Edinburgh on your side.

14,385 of our clients trust us to be their human resource management service provider.

So whether you’re seeking HR services for a small business, an up-and-coming SME with plans for growth based in Edinburgh, or a multinational corporation with existing HR departments and managers—Croner provides the guidance you need to keep your business safe and successful.

Finally, for that extra bit of security, get legal expenses insurance. If you follow our advice and T&Cs, then our legal insurance will cover your costs.

Focus on what you do best and let Croner take care of the rest. Call our helpline today on 0800 470 2781.

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