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Your contracts should be air-tight and legally binding. Croner help keep them that way, protecting your business from disputes.

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Your employees trust you to do right by them. And you trust your employees to do their jobs right.

If your staff don’t know what their responsibilities are, or simply don’t do the work, trust breaks down—and your business suffers.

Don’t leave trust to chance. Croner will ensure your employment contracts are watertight and lay out exactly what you expect from your staff.

That way, if the worst happens and you need to take disciplinary action, you know you have the law on your side.

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How the review works

At Croner, we have a team of documentation experts who work with different types of employment contracts every day. Our team will go through your contract, highlighting problem areas and outdated clauses, and suggest improvements.

We will take on board any special circumstances your business or employees may have and provide options to address them.

A member of our documentation team will call you to discuss the suggested changes, and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have regarding the contract.

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