Increase membership value

Your members rely on you to support them, to protect their interests and to help them grow and thrive in an often confusing and sometimes hostile business world. Croner’s services safeguard your members and help your organisation to meet its goals.

Improve members satisfaction, loyalty and retention by providing access to professional advice and information about

  • HR & Employment law
  • Health & safety
  • Commercial legal matters
  • VAT, Tax, PAYE

We’ll support you to promote the service to your members to raise awareness and help them to understand when and how our services can help. As a result your members will fully appreciate its value and use it when they need to.

A partnership that meets your goals

We understand that you set the bar high.

You work hard to raise the standards in your sector, setting exacting criteria for membership that embraces a code of conduct, minimum qualifications or experience, or ongoing training requirements.

Croner upholds the standards you expect by enabling members to follow best practice. They can deal with health and safety, HR and legal issues quickly and confidently before they escalate into a dispute or tribunal, protecting their, and your, reputation, and the credibility of your sector.

In our experience, our service becomes such an asset, they form a fundamental part of the membership package as members come to rely on our service to support their business.

  • Build member loyalty – as members come to rely on the service
  • Build membership value – members feel they get more in return for their membership fee
  • Save money for members – compared to equivalent services ad hoc from professionals like solicitors
  • Improve member credibility – consumers choose members above non-members
  • Reduce the risk of a member having a serious incident that impacts on their, and by association, your reputation

Your own dedicated Croner relationship manager will take time to understand your organisation and how you work, and together you will build a personalised package of services for your members. Your relationship manager will help you to promote the benefits of the new service to your membership base, supplying content for adverts, magazines, email newsletters, websites or your welcome process.

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Legal expenses insurance

Even the best run businesses can be faced with an employment issue that can’t be resolved internally. Employers who have followed best practice and taken advice before taking action are often in a strong position to successfully defend a case. Still, an employment tribunal can be time consuming to prepare for, and expensive to defend: A case of unfair dismissal could take 33 hours of specialist advice and cost £6,600.

Our Legal Expense Insurance covers:

  • all employment issues
  • the cost of preparing the defence
  • the cost of legal representation at an employment tribunal
  • the cost of compensation award if you lose

Business Support Helpline

The Business Support Helpline is available to membership organisations to provide advice to their members about:

  • Employment Law
  • Human Resources
  • Health & Safety
  • Tax, VAT, PAYE, NIC and payroll
  • Commercial legal matters – covering over 60 topics including commercial contracts, insolvency, data protection and property law.

This expert advice gives members the power to deal with legal, compliance and tax issues quickly and confidently before they impact on business performance or reputation. There’s no need to watch the clock either. Unlike some, we don’t limit call times. You can take as long as you need to explain the situation, and Croner’s experts will take as long they need to give you the right advice.

The Business Support Helpline provides commercial advice on subjects including, but not limited to, the following:

Company law, Clubs and Associations

  • Club constitutions
  • Policies
  • Meetings and procedures
  • CASCs
  • Member disputes
  • Company articles
  • Directors duties
  • Shares and shareholder rights
  • Company meetings
  • Shareholder agreements and disputes
  • Director liabilities
  • Dissolution and striking off.
    Note: we do not advise on charity law, nor do we advise on technical accounting queries.

Partnerships, LLPs and Sole Traders

  • Rights, responsibilities and obligations
  • Partnership disputes and dissolution
  • Consultant, contractor and agency agreements.

Commercial Contracts

  • Business-to-business and self-employed contracts
  • Consumer contracts
  • Commercial aspects of service or employment contracts (including restrictive covenants)
  • Standard terms of business
  • Distance selling
  • Quality of goods or services
  • Guarantees or warranties
  • Cancellations, termination or refunds
  • Retention of title
  • Commercial disputes
  • Late payment and debt collection.


  • Business liquidation
  • Administration
  • Receivership
  • Personal bankruptcy
  • Statutory demands
  • Personal guarantees or liability of directors.

Data Protection, Freedom of Information and Equality Act

  • Data protection principles
  • ICO notification requirements
  • Data compliance
  • Subject-access requests
  • Third-party requests
  • Medical records
  • Equality or discrimination issues

Intellectual Property

  • Text, photographs, designs, music, videos, books, websites
  • Protecting trademarks
  • Licensing of Intellectual Property rights
  • Passing off
  • Licence disputes or other infringements of any IP rights.


  • Freehold or leasehold
  • Access rights
  • Boundary disputes
  • Commercial leases
  • Lease extensions
  • Rent review
  • Repair obligations
  • Landlord and tenant disputes

We do also advise on residential tenancies usually from the point of view of the landlord or letting agent.
Note: we do not advise on business rates.

Tort law

  • Including negligent products or services
  • Public liability
  • Duty of care
  • Exclusions of liability
  • Defamation, slander, libel or negligent misstatement

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