Salary Surveys & Benchmarking

For over 40 years, we have been conducting pay and benefits research to support businesses with their pay reviews and recruitment/retention activities.

Ensure your salaries are competitive

Our salary reports contain quartile and decile salary ranges for your region, job or industry; invaluable information in ensuring your salaries are competitive and attractive.

Compiled using data collected from organisations of all sizes across the UK, salary reports are published within 8 weeks of data collection so you can be assured of the latest, most accurate data on which to base your pay policy decisions.

The extensive database contains over 50,000 job records, 1,200 job titles, 10 job ranks, 153 UK regions/counties/towns, 8 turnover bands and 34 industry sectors.

Fast & accurate pay benchmarking

An employee’s financial reward is one of the primary motivations for them to come to work; it is also one of the organisation’s highest costs. Achieving the balance that suits both the staff member and benefits the business’ development goals is one of the most difficult skills facing the HR professional.

Croner Reward uses pay benchmarking to support reward structure development or as a stand alone service for individual positions that are either new to the business or simply need updating, giving you the opportunity to undertake either regular small scale activity or larger departmental or company-wide exercises.

With direct access to Croner Reward’s remuneration tools, including one of the most comprehensive independent pay and benefits databases in the country, our team can provide fast and accurate salary benchmark reports, from which management can base sound and independent reward management decisions.

Competitive Salary Information

If you are worried about losing staff as a result of pay, Croner Reward is here to provide you with competitive salary benchmarking information to help you reduce staff turnover. Not only that, when you are looking to recruit new talent, this information can be an asset in attracting the best candidates.

One of the ways you can assess what the job market wants is through the analysis of market data. Croner Reward has one of the largest independent pay and benefits databases in the country, which is constantly growing and being updated.

As new data comes in, it is assimilated to then be used with other data held and filtered by industry, company turnover, number of employees, county, function and job level; to provide an indication as to what level of pay can be offered to staff to either meet or surpass the median. This data is then published in the form of salary surveys at varying times throughout the year. As reports are published annually and bi-annually, we provide a formula to help you calculate – on average – how much the data is likely to fluctuate over the short-term.


Calculating a a benefits package with a salary comparison tool is useful if you are recruiting for a new position or if you are looking to check that a salary is at the market rate. In addition, it can help with staff retention, as you know that you will be paying the market rate or you may need to increase someone’s salary to assist in retaining the member of staff.

The system is easy to use; making it ideal for busy HR professionals or managers. In addition to showing pay information, the salary calculator also details benefits associated with a particular job.

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