Croner-i Business Essentials

Need help demystifying your employment law responsibilities? Wondering if health and safety is as hard as everyone makes out? Croner-i Business Essentials gives you easy online access to information and templates to help you comply with workplace legislation and protect your organisation, so you can concentrate on growing your business. It provides: Get access to:

  • A helpline with direct access to experts if you need advice or a valuable second opinion on any employment issue, health and safety or commercial legal issue
  • Employment calculator to work out accurate minimum wage, maternity and paternity pay
  • Ready to use model policies and employee factsheet
  • Step-by step guides on how to implement policies within your organisation

Please complete the form to watch an instant video demonstration on this page. Looking for more advice, contracts and handbooks or HR software? Take a look at Croner Simplify - everything  you need for best practice HR and Health and Safety management as your business grows.