Employment Contract Training Courses

Zero hours’ contracts are hitting the headlines with talk of banning them or at least, limiting their use. However, with ‘zero hours’ contract’ not having a legal definition it is a reminder of the difficulties of managing a flexible workforce.

The employment contract forms the basis of the employment relationship, but terms and conditions are not limited to one contract document. Your actions as business owner or manager and common law rights also form the contract of employment and knowing the pitfalls can help you avoid potential tribunal claims.

On our Employment Contract Training Course you will learn:

  • What is meant by zero hours’ contract and how can I maintain a flexible workforce in the future?
  • Why is it important to know whether an individual is an employee, worker or self-employed?
  • How can I change terms and conditions of employees to ensure the needs of my changing business are met?
  • As a result of TUPE transfers we are managing groups of employees with different terms and conditions –  can we harmonise them?

We’ll explain the law governing contracts using practical examples to illustrate how to apply these principles in practice.

Call us on 01455 897187 or email us to book. Places are strictly limited and allocated on a first come first served basis. Alternatively, view the rest of our employment law training courses.

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Croner offers tools to help you and your team to be more effective and efficient by managing case records and automatically highlighting high risk areas that need immediate attention. We can even advise your managers without HR expertise how to deal with staff issues 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

  • Disciplinary and grievance hearings
  • Crisis support – face to face and over the phone
  • Tribunal representation
  • 24/7 professional telephone advice
  • Web-based HR case management
  • Contract and document advice
  • Employment law advice
  • Absence management
  • Salary benchmarking
  • Legal expenses insurance

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