Online Health & Safety Software

Doing risk assessments, creating policies and meeting health & safety laws is easier than ever with BrightSafe—your online health & safety management tool.

Everyday health & safety software

BrightSafe online software makes your everyday health & safety tasks easy. Simply login to BrightSafe to:

  • Create and manage your risk assessments to the standards set by the HSE in a few clicks of your mouse.
  • Access all your documents in BrightSafe’s secure cloud-based storage, including policies written just for you by Croner health & safety experts.
  • Get an online library of checklists and guides to tackle any workplace hazard.

Then relax. Because BrightSafe helps you free your time, remove your risks and comply with health & safety law (with a clear audit trail to prove it, too).

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Here’s how BrightSafe frees your time

It can feel like there are health & safety tasks for everything.

When your employee asks to be a homeworker, you need a lone working policy. When you shuffle desks, you need manual handling training. And when you travel for work, buy new equipment or even clean the kitchen for the first time you need to do a risk assessment.

But don’t worry, BrightSafe online software makes everyday health & safety simple.

It helps you create HSE standard risk assessments in matter of minutes. It gives you instant access to critical health & safety guidance. And it lets you cut out paperwork with secure online policy and document storage.

Plus, all this is backed up by 24/7 advice from Croner’s team of experts. Call any time of day and get instant advice, whether you’re facing a health & safety crisis or just need a second opinion.

Free yourself from workforce admin

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