Employment Contracts

We create legally binding contracts of employment that get the best from your staff and protect your business from disputes

Employment contracts that protect your business

Your employees trust you to do right by them. And you trust your employees to do their jobs right.  

Because if your staff don’t know what their responsibilities are, or simply don’t do the work, trust breaks down—and your business suffers.

Don’t leave trust to chance. Call Croner today. We create watertight contracts of employment that lay out exactly what you expect from your staff. 

So if the worst happens and you need to take disciplinary action, you know you have the law on your side.

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Did you know some businesses hire staff without written contracts?

Most don’t do it twice…

Not having professional contracts for your employees is a huge business risk. You could even be breaking the law.  

And if your employment contracts aren’t written correctly, you could face payments of up to £95,000 if an employee dispute goes to a tribunal.

Luckily, you don’t need to retrain as a legal expert. And you definitely don’t need to hire an ad-hoc solicitor who seems to charge you by the word…

Our team of employment law experts create contracts that protect you from prosecution and bring big savings to your business.

With Croner, you get:

  • Watertight contracts for every member of staff, whatever their role, whatever their responsibilities.
  • Protection from disputes. Have the law on your side if you need to challenge an underperforming employee.
  • Advice on updating contracts. We make sure that your contracts reflect changes to roles or responsibilities, so you’re protected throughout your employees’ careers.
  • A company handbook to set out your business culture, from dress codes to code of conduct. We can write an employee handbook so your staff know the rules from day one.
  • All your documents in one place. Save time managing your contracts by storing them on the secure and easy to use Croner Simplify Online HR management system.

Want to protect your business and get the best from your staff?

Speak to a Croner expert about your employment contracts today.

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