Croner Simplify: Managing Employees Made Easy

Croner Simplify is a unique service combining cloud based software, telephone advice, insurance and on-site support to help organisations of all sizes improve efficiency, protect and ensure compliance with HR and Health & Safety law.

Croner Simplify Online

Our fully hosted, secure and easy-to-use web-based service which helps cut the cost and time of managing employees. It ensures everything from appraisals to absence management and recruitment to redundancy is successfully completed every time.

The key features of Croner Simplify Online are:

  • Documentation, template letters and forms
  • Information to help you run your business
  • Accident and disease reporting
  • Option for employee management database/ reports.

Crisis Support

Unfortunately organisations are faced with the unexpected, but Croner Simplify customers do not need to worry as crisis support is included in the service. Whether you’re facing a serious health & safety incident, or collective consultation situation, our experts are on hand to help minimise the impact on your organisation, your employees and your reputation.

The crisis support service includes:

  • 24/7 telephone advice
  • On-site assistance
  • Action plans/ reports

Employment Consultancy

Croner will provide a fast start to meeting your employment legal obligations. When you sign up to Croner we will audit your current employment documentation to ensure it is legally up-to-date, including employee handbooks and policies and procedures.

Where your audit identifies gaps or updates, we will provide suggested amendments and additions to help you fill the gaps. If you don’t have any documents in place, your consultant will work with you to create them. Once updated and/or created, they will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure they are compliant with any changes in legislation.

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