Online Tools

Croner Reward has two essential software solutions that are totally compatible with one another and designed to simplify job evaluation and salary benchmarking processes.

Job Evaluation Tool

Croner Reward’s Job Evaluation Tool is a powerful, analytical, factor-based online scheme. Please take a look at our demo. The system provides:

  • Total points’ score for every job
  • Jobs that are ranked in a consistent format to establish internal relativiies
  • Flexible report outputs in PDF format
  • A link to Croner Reward’s pay and benefits database

Salary Search

The Croner Reward pay database is one the largest in the UK consisting of data collected from around 3,000 employers, across all industries, covering almost 50,000 job records.

Derived from this database, SalarySearch provides data for the most common job roles across the UK and has the capability to deliver robust pay ranges for every job included. It is also very up to date; with data that is refreshed every quarter. Naturally we see fluctuations as new data is added and old data removed. To mitigate this, the salary ranges produced in SalarySearch are derived from national figures. These national figures contain the largest sample available and are therefore the most reliable basis upon which to conduct meaningful benchmarking.

Enhanced features of the system include:

  • Easier Navigation
  • Quicker Processing of Results
  • More Sophisticated Export Options
  • Extended Access to Completed Searches
  • Benchmark Job Descriptions

Updated regularly and available 24/7, SalarySearch is compiled using data collected through Croner Reward’s continuous research into pay and benefits across the UK. Roles within an organisation can be compared against the market according to a range of criteria, including:

  • Job title and level
  • Number of employees
  • Company turnover
  • Geographic location – region, county, city, town
  • Industry sector

As detailed above, SalarySearch contains varied salary data covering all industries, company sizes and locations; and our unique methodology has been developed as such that it calculates and applies coefficients to the data for the required parameters. These coefficients essentially act as modifiers to the national samples to ensure that we are including the best combination of high data volumes with the specific market pay comparators that an organisation is interested in.