Gender Pay: The Facts

All organisations with 250+ employees will need to report the overall gender pay gap between all men and women by April 2018. This will need to be reported annually, not just on the organisation’s website, but also a dedicated Government website, which means that the information is accessible to all.


Reporting made easy

Croner Reward has put together a one-stop solution to make gender pay reporting process as easy as possible, from initial preparation to analysis, conclusions and recommendations.

We will independently analyse your pay data to generate statistical calculations, as required by the regulations, which highlight where any gaps exist.

In addition to analysis, our service comes with the added benefit of a comprehensive report of key findings, conclusions and actions, produced by one of our legal experts.

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Gender Pay Gap Reporting Service

You need to start preparing your narrative for existing and prospective employees. To do that you need to dig below the surface of the reporting figures and understand the detail of the story.

Croner service is rated as good or excellent across 88% client reviews.

24/ 7 Advice and Support

Organisations who choose Croner to supply their Gender Pay Report will have access to our team of HR and employment law experts. This will help you solve any problems that may arise through the analysis of your pay data.

  • Employment Law professionals with 15 years’ industry experience
  • Unlimited calls on Gender Pay issues
  • Experts in Equality Law
  • Avoids costly and lengthy Tribunal claims