Gender Pay Reporting

Ensure your business is compliant with the law or stay ahead of the game with our Gender Pay Gap Reporting Service.

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Businesses with 250+ employees must publish statutory calculations every year showing how large the pay gap is between their male and female employees.

You have just 3 months to get your entire list of data, work out the pay gap, triple check it to make sure it’s correct and publish it for the world to see. 

Your pay gap will be publicly available, as all data must be published on your business’ website and a government site.

Smaller businesses must plan ahead and take action today, as experts agree the gender pay reporting threshold will expand. 

Our gender pay experts will calculate the required statistics, create a comprehensive report and offer clear actionable advice to reduce or eliminate any gender pay gaps.

Complete gender pay gap solution

Whether for peace of mind or because the law requires it – call our gender pay experts for your complete Gender Pay Gap solution. 

Benefits include:

  • Pay gap calculation
  • Independent analysis of data
  • Legal expert advice
  • Regulatory compliance

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