SalarySearch is the leading online salary benchmarking tool that facilitates informed decisions around pay and reward on a departmental or organisation-wide basis.

What is SalarySearch?

SalarySearch is the UK’s most comprehensive online salary benchmarking tool. Simple and easy to use, it can help you make informed decisions around pay, benefits and total reward to help you attract and retain key talent.

Compiled using data collected through Croner Reward’s continuous research in to pay and benefits across the UK, SalarySearch is updated regularly so that you can be assured that the data you access is reliable and up to date.

Roles from within your organisation can be compared against the external market across job titles, job bands, turnover bands, employee bands, industry sectors, UK regions, counties and UK towns. And because of our specific methodology, there are no data gaps, ensuring you get a robust answer no matter which combination or criteria you choose.

Benefits of SalarySearch

If you are recruiting for a new position, SalarySearch can let you know if your rate is competitive in the industry, location and market.

Croner SalarySearch:

  • Is easy to use and ideal for the busy HR Professional
  • Lists the benefits associated with a particular job
  • Helps with staff retention, as your salaries will remain competitive
  • Takes minutes to provide a definitive answer on a suitable salary
  • Is used across a variety of roles, from Directors to Clerical workers
  • Data is up to date and reliable based on continuous research
  • Available to use 24/7, 365 days a year
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Why use SalarySearch?

An organisation’s most valuable asset is its people. One of the key issues to staff retention and recruitment is offering the correct remuneration and benefits package. SalarySearch is the vital tool to ensure your organisation does just that.

The pay data held in SalarySearch is collected from employers throughout the UK, the results are then checked and analysed by Croner Reward. Providing you with the most up-to-date and reliable information possible means you can reward and retain current employees as well as attracting new employees. SalarySearch has been redesigned and is now more efficient, accessible and easy to use than ever, meaning accurate pay and benefits information is just a few clicks away.

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SalarySearch starts from as little as £36.75 per month.