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As a member of the Dental Protection Society, Karen Haresnape was able to access Croner’s advice line as a benefit of her membership. With a role that entailed more than just HR responsibilities, Karen was able to take advantage of free employment law advice, health and safety support, and more.

How We've Helped

Having valued the level of advice she received from Croner, Karen now utilises the Croner Simplify system to aid her role as an Operations Manager at Alpha Dental Group.

"Pardon the pun, but it had actually simplified how we record absences and holidays, it's taken a lot of pressure away from me having to record literally everything and double check everything," Karen says.

"The whole system, the whole program, everything, has been really good."

Croner Simplify is a unique service which combines cloud based software, telephone advice, insurance and on-site support to help organisations of all sizes improve efficiency, protect and ensure compliance with HR and Health & Safety law.

Managing an array of responsibilities which span beyond employment matters, Karen has found the health and safety elements of Croner's support invaluable. Over the time of the partnership, Alpha Dental have benefited from health and safety visits to ensure the stringent standard of their industry are adhered to and, in turn, CQC compliance is met and maintained.

"Our Health and Safety consultant, Mark Whigham, has visited all of our larger sites, and will visit all sites eventually.

"He was very good and positive in his feedback for what we needed to do. We didn't want to be backed into a corner and we wanted to keep a lot of our policies and protocols in place, but obviously they just needed tweaking and updating which is what's been happening, so we've been really please with that aspect of it."

As well as Health and Safety support, Karen has also found the employment law and HR advice and support a real benefit.

She says: "Croner have been very good giving advice and helping with letters. At one point I was ringing up virtually daily! You feel like you're asking some really stupid questions, but the advisors don't make you feel like that.

"They come back and say how to deal with incidents and situations and what to do. I can't fault the service. My advisor's patience has been excellent and her advice and everything has been really good.

"We've now got new employee handbooks, and i've just updated our dress code policy. Normally i'd have sat and struggled to get the right wording for it so it was correct, but I was able to just pass it on and say what I roughly wanted in, and Croner have come back with the correct content and advice on how to handle any sensitive situations."

"The beauty of being able to contact Croner by email or by phone is that they're constantly up to date with all changes, so you know that you're getting right and most relevant information."

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