Blois Meadow Day Nursery

Only eight months after being taken over by Alison and Ross Midgley, Blois Meadow Day Nursery was rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted.


The nursery, situated in a picturesque location in Essex, provides first-class care for children aged between three months and five years.

They are also supported by a team of highly qualified and experienced staff, with Alison managing the nursery all year round, and Ross situated only 50m away ensuring the day to day operation of the business in separate offices.

To maintain their outstanding service, Ross and Alison are committed to recruiting and retaining the best and most qualified workforce they can.


To help with attracting new and managing existing employees, Blois Meadow Day Nursery has turned to Croner for assistance throughout the partnership. “At the moment, we have between 12 and 14 members of staff, but we are expanding,” says Ross.

From precautionary advice to proactive measures, Croner has supported the nursery on a few occasions to give reassurance and peace of mind.

“I’m aware that individuals have the right to request flexible working, and that we have a duty to consider it, but on one occasion I wanted to chat through exactly what the limits of that were, whether there were any traps we needed to avoid, how far we had a right to insist on conditions, and so on.

“I’m fairly confident with employment law, I know what most situations entail,” Ross says. “However, I always think it’s sensible to seek proper advice from the HR consultants at Croner, just to confirm that we are on safe ground.”


“On the occasions where Croner have helped us, it’s been in the nature of precautionary advice rather than assisting with disputes, representation, tribunals, or anything ‘exotic’ like that. But a couple of times recently I have needed to speak to a consultant.

In the past, Ross admits that it has also been useful to use Croner to confirm the correct procedures and practices to suit situations. “Previously, we have been able to confirm what we have needed to do in terms of the process with Croner, and after explaining the details of a case, they have been able to assure us that we wouldn’t face unfair dismissal claims, or that individuals didn’t have grounds to bring any claims.

“I got some very prompt and authoritative advice from Croner’s helpline. As a result of which, we have been able to reach very amicable agreements and compromises with our employees. It’s worked out well for all concerned.”

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