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To this day, London forms a fusion of some of the world’s greatest culture, including: 857 galleries; around 250 festivals per year; over 300 spoken languages; and 200 theatre shows to choose from every day.


For a capital so full of activity and energy, you’d be forgiven for finding it difficult to keep track of the sheer volume of events. Fortunately, for the past 30 years, people have been able to rely on London Calling to keep them up-to-date.

London Calling are the largest and most effective Arts Marketing specialists in the UK. From film festivals to fine dining, and fringe theatre performances to high-profile art exhibitions, the thriving business helps people to discover London’s most thrilling events and best kept secrets.


Mirroring the fast pace of the capital they cover, London Calling often have tight deadlines and quick reactions, so dealing with the employment issue they experienced was no different.

Mr Hann says: “We wanted to get it dealt with very quickly, before Christmas. We wanted to get an investigation and a hearing, and the matter solved right away.

“We had an Employment Law specialist, Rob Pole, immediately on the investigation.

He was very good and acted quickly if we required anything. For example, we needed minute-takers during the process and Croner managed to sort that out for us. I found them very useful to deal with.

“We managed to get the hearing at very short notice, when we were helped by another consultant, Elizabeth Pitson, who was stunningly good."

Croner assist companies of all sizes with HR, Health and Safety, Employment Law, Tribunals, and more. Our size means that we are large and renowned enough to handle all cases, but small enough to offer a reactive and personal service.

How We've Helped

“She attended the hearing, put the minutes together, gave advice and drafted a formal letter, all within about 12 hours so that we could meet our deadline before I had to fly to Sydney.

“What I like about Croner is that they can respond to our urgency which is very important to me, and it’s all done very well. I’m very impressed by the expertise, and I find that the people from Croner are very professional, as well as fun to work with.

“Croner are a reasonably big company, compared with other employment law companies I have worked with in the past,” Mr Hann explains.

“Yet they can provide us with an expert minute-taker, or someone to attend a hearing, all at very short notice.

“For me, that in itself is a very good reason to be with Croner. “They have the capacity to deal with situations and put staff on a case very quickly which, frankly, a lot of employment law firms don’t have the resource to do.

“We now outsource all of our HR to Croner, including all of our policies and procedures as part of our service. The service is very good, especially when you get caught up in horrible situations like we did.”

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