As the largest sporting shooting association in the UK, with 125 specialist staff spread across many country and regional centres, it was always going to be a challenge to benchmark pay and benefits.


BASC last ran a job evaluation exercise in 2009, and since then had relied upon annual salary increases to determine pay and benefits. With over 150,000 members and a huge range of specialist job roles that needed to be filled, the head of HR, Tania Pennill, decided it was time to get a fresh update to ensure the best talent was recruited and retained.


Tania stated: "It is quite easy to benchmark some of the more usual roles, but we needed Croner Reward's help for some of the unique roles... we have scientists, policy developers, and teams which are providing quality membership benefits. So during this process we have been evaluating a wide range of roles

"The process needed to be rigorous so that those members who sit on our council, the equivalent of a board of directors,  could be confident that we are providing value for money."

BASC were also seeking to define their gender pay gap, which is particularly forward thinking considering only employers in the private and voluntary sectors with over 250 employees were legally required to report their gender pay gap by April 2018.

How We've Helped

Tania added: "We had a Croner Reward consultant on-site for a set number of days who was able to support us until we were happy that the right salary and benchmarking structure is in place... Croner Reward has provided a thoroughly professional service, with a consultant who has been robust and challenging." 

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