Bible Society


We are working to make the Bible available and accessible for all. We translate the Bible linguistically and culturally, delivering content that enables people to engage with the Scriptures in many different ways. Our work communicates the positive impact the Bible can have in people’s lives, at home and across the world. As part of our global mission, we work in partnership to make the Scriptures better known in around 240 countries and territories.

We work across England and Wales and support many less fortunate Bible Societies around the world, both financially and in their activities. We have three sites in London, Swindon and Bala, Wales.

We started our journey with Croner in 2014 and have been working with them ever since.


We wanted to ensure a fair and equitable process that covered all the areas of our work, most of our jobs are one of a kind. We wanted transparency for our leadership team and fairness for our employees making sure we understood the value of their roles in the charity market place to ensure we were being competitive and not losing great staff or other organisations.

Croner was well matched for our needs, simply, straight forward to operate and receiving constant salary data for the marketplace, depending on location.

How Croner helped?

We work with Croner on setting up a grade structure that is unique to our needs. We continue to evaluate new jobs and those that have changed significantly. This process gives us an independent aspect which is important to our values and culture.

We continue to know that we do pay our staff a fair salary for their roles, we can plan to increase a salary to the next spinal point or two, for outstanding performance on an annual basis.

Also this mitigates the risk of any equal pay claim because we have a robust process as evidence, should that ever transpire.

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