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Mid-pandemic, Clarion Security Systems appointed a team to find the best solution to their HR and health & safety issues by finding the best external provider. The outcome was the appointment of Croner…


Clarion Security Systems Ltd has been providing security solutions since 1996, with a mix team of field and office-based employees, throughout the country. The business faces a number of H&S obstacles working on the fringe of the construction industry as well as usual HR management requirements.

In order to merge and improve the HR and H&S elements, a project team was set up to review the available solutions on the market in 2021. The outcome was the appointment of Croner as Clarion’s main provider for day to day operations of those critical business functions.

During the selection process, Croner provided numerous demonstrations and analysed Clarion’s needs in order to assist and provide expert advice early on. The Clarion project team, headed by their operations manager, walked us through their requirements:


24/7 operations, undertaking medium risk activities from an H&S point of view, and we must coordinate and communicate with 25 employees whom could be anywhere in the UK. We wanted to make sure our staff are prompted, and can get access to advice online if needed.

Our risk assessments and tool box talks were all managed from our network and we needed something that was easily accessible that can also log training, renewals and refreshers

We had an antiquated expenses system. We were looking for a system that could make the management of these easier and quicker.

From an HR perspective, we wanted to make sure our colleagues could request absences from their phones, with the relevant managers being able to visualise the company calendar and authorise with a click of a button.

We needed a reportable way of logging absences, probationary periods, anniversaries, and appraisals to support staff development and ultimately the payroll function.

The systems we had in place were a little disjointed, relying on helplines, excel spreadsheets and Outlook. We were looking for a platform that could provide all these services in one place.

How We've Helped

“We’d been looking for a solution to this for some time when we came across Croner. Looking at the reviews Croner had, we felt confident that the service would be what we needed.

“The apps are the standout part of the service. We use the PoP system frequently. It makes the whole expenses process so much easier.

“Any technical issues we have can be quickly escalated to our account manager and are dealt with very fast.

“Both the HR and H&S advice have helped us address many of the issues that needed addressing. The 24/7 advice line means that we can get instant answers when we need help. It has also helped us massively with compliance in terms of employment law and health & safety regulations, especially during the pandemic.

“There are no faults in the service we’ve received from Croner and they have sent us a number of printed booklets with all our own H&S documentation neatly presented. We are now finalising our employee handbook with Croner which will be presented at induction very soon.”


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