Classic Quartz Stone

Croner’s Simplify system was implemented over a year ago, as Classic Quartz Stone, a retailer of Quartz stone slabs for kitchens and bathrooms, grew from a one man band to a small business with HR & employment law issues to consider.


Classic Quartz Stone are a wholesaler of quartz stone, both for commercial and home use. The company is based in Reading, and has recently undergone significant expansion. “My manager took over in 2016, back then the business was a one man band,” states Gaynor Townsend, Financial Accountant at Classic Quartz Stone. “When that shifted, and when we first signed up with Croner there were five employees, now we’ve grown to seven, and are looking to grow the team even further. Since November 2017, we’ve had more people coming on board, and I’ve already put their details on Simplify.

“This transition is still ongoing, and we are looking to get around 11 employees in total in the near future.”


With a dramatic shift in the company framework and size, it was only sensible to expand the focus on HR as well, “We initially looked to manage our HR internally; back when it was a one man band there wasn’t much HR to manage, but early on during the expansion we had an issue with a member of staff. As a result, I got in touch with Croner.

“The adviser was very helpful and we were so impressed with the service that we signed up for the entire Simplify Complete package right away.

“We didn’t really have a system in place prior to the Simplify system, most of our documents and policies were stored on the website, but there was no formal database. We decided to get the system to help with the transition.”

How We’ve Helped

Croner have provided Classic Quartz Stone, not only with a system to keep track of all their HR needs, but a service that aids with the growing pains of a business that has recently expanded. “We are using the system to manage holidays as well as using it as a database for each of our employees, so we can keep easy track of all of their details. Because we are so busy at the moment with new people coming in to the business, and the business itself expanding, I’ve not yet had time to use Simplify to its full potential.”

“I’ve been in touch with Fern Allen and she’s helped me put together and review contracts, as well as a number of other things. We’ve had Jonathan Turner out to do risk assessments, he spent a full day at our site and advised us everything we needed to do to stay compliant with current health & safety legislation.

“We are taking it slow and steady, and making our way through all the different advantages that Simplify Complete has to offer, but so far it has been incredibly useful.”

Gaynor was particularly impressed with their first point of contact with Croner, Beverley Mills. “We have already told others about the service, and have given Beverley Mills a number of referrals since—your team is just wonderful. Beverley was an absolute star, she explained everything to us prior to us taking the system on, from then it has all just been smooth sailing, Jonathan got us all up and running with our H&S, now we are fully compliant and it’s really good to know we’ve got them for support.”

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