Continental Landscape Ltd

With an impressive assembly of awards to their name, Continental Landscapes Limited have provided grounds maintenance, landscape construction, and street cleansing services for the past 27 years.


Their projects span across the UK and are a credit to their service: their work contributing to some of the most picturesque grounds in the country.

Continental Landscape’s workforce are among some of the best in the industry, and through their commitment to training, are able to offer the highest standard of service.

While the groundwork team routinely dig holes in the literal sense, for the past 22 years Croner have helped them to avoid it in the metaphorical.

Mr Paul Rhys-Davies has been the HR Manager of Continental Landscapes for 19 years, overseeing the HR function for the team managers throughout the UK.

Supporting the team leaders are a number of workers, ranging from 5 to 105 people, dependant on the size of the respective contract.


Operating on such magnitude, Mr Rhys-Davies found it a stretch to accommodate the amount of HR requests from the workforce on his own.

Therefore, over the decades of working together, Croner have assisted with general day-to-day issues, as well as training, disciplinary, sickness, absence, and more.

“Croner are there to advise us in the right way to look after the staff and to treat them fairly, particularly if we have to give them verbal, written, or final warnings, or terminate a contract. Croner are there to assist with the running of staff,” Mr Rhys-Davies says.


“The team leaders and line managers are all aware of HR processes and procedures, and Croner are at the other end of the phone to assist.

“The team can ring Croner at any time to get the advice of what to do.

“In the background of the staff ringing in, I then have regular meetings with our Regional Consultant, Rebecca Linacre, to go through the core matrix of what is coming in, what training we need, if we can improve the managers’ knowledge and ensure that the handbook, contracts and everything are legally up to date.”

Over the years, Continental Landscapes have also been the recipients of on-site training sessions provided by Croner. These sessions have included HR and Health and Safety, and are tailored to suit the specific needs of the company.

“I have ten training sessions a year,” Mr Rhys-Davies estimates. “The training is very useful. And the feedback is always good from the sessions.

“Rebecca has actually just finished a three day training course up in Livingstone for me. She covered discipline, absence, attendance, grievance and performance.

“Anybody who is dealing with people at our company has the training, so that they have the capability and knowledge to manage their respective workforce, but always have the added backing from the Croner staff.

“There are other courses that some of the Senior Managers go on. Each course is designed for what we think is appropriate.”

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