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Providing high quality specialist mental health services for almost 30 years, Cygnet Health Care has become one of the leading independent health care providers in the UK.

How We've Helped

"To deliver the very best service we employ a lot of people, which is why it's been really helpful for our managers to be able to have expert HR support when we need it", says Senior Practice Development Nurse, Dannie Farrar.

"I manage many different HR related situations and have found the support given by the Croner helpline essential for some of the more complicated cases.

"For a couple of cases where there have been performance management issues, If I had not had the advice line, I would have faced more challenges.

"We always follow Croner's advice and in challenging grievance situations, it ensures we get it right. It's always the right advice and the right series of procedures to follow."

Cygnet Health Care operates 21 centres with more than 1,000 beds across the UK and are recognised as a specialist provider by the NHS across England and Wales.

Dannie said: "We have been providing a national network of high quality specialist mental health services for almost 30 years. With a true focus on outcomes those who use or commission our services can be assured we are an experienced, service user focused, provider of a quality treatment, care and rehabilitation.

"At Cygnet, we genuinely live and breathe our values - we believe they underpin everything we do as a provider of specialist mental healthcare and as a responsible employer. Many organisations have values, however, true values come from the people within the organisation and how they behave."

Despite having a firm framework regarding the expectations for each member of staff, on occasion managers need to use the helpline when behaviours fall well below expectations.

"On one occasion the help and guidance from the Croner helpline supported me with managing a challenging case, step by step, to a successful resolution. I was expecting a battle but by following the right processes and ensuring the right letters and wording were sent, it led to the employee accepting the changes we were proposing. This was a much more desirable outcome than the case escalating to a potential claim."

Cygnet Health Care currently use Croner's 24/7 employment law and business support helpline, as well as purchase a number of consultancy days to support managers.

"I would highly recommend Croner and every time I make a referral to Croner I learn something new. It's great to know that we have that extra support at the other end of the phone, if we need it," adds Dannie.

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