Dignity Group Limited

Selfless. Patience. Perseverance. Just a few select answers to the question: What word would you use to describe a care worker?


A monumental amount of trust is placed in a care worker; the person responsible for someone else’s general wellbeing on a day to day basis.

For the industry that the Dignity Group operate in, this sentiment rings especially true.

“We aim to provide as ordinary a living experience for people with learning disabilities as we can,” explains Ted Salmon, Company Secretary of Dignity Group Limited.

Formed in 1988, the Dignity Group provides residential care and support for people with learning disabilities. They consistently deliver bespoke services for people with learning disabilities and complex care needs in West Sussex, UK.


Alongside caring for their residents, the Dignity Group also dedicates the time to manage and care for its 55 employees.

Enabling the company to prioritise this without taking time from their care duties, the Dignity Group have been a Croner client for over 30 years.

With a mechanistic company structure, and a top-down chain of command and accountability, Croner are there to assist every level of the business.


Ted says, “We use Croner to ensure that we comply with Employment Law mainly, and also Health and Safety. “Croner’s services have helped our company’s business by ensuring that we are covered for risk, and for potential litigation worries.”

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