Fargro is a horticulture wholesaler operating in the B2B sector, providing support and advice to professional growers across the UK. Amanda Wheeler, HR Manager, tells us about the company:

“With more than 70 years’ experience in horticulture, Fargro has developed deep knowledge and expertise across every horticulture sector. Whether our customers need specialist technical advice on increasing yield, keeping pests at bay and protecting plants or innovative products Fargro can help.

“Our head office is based in West Sussex, we have just over 60 employees with a number of homeworkers across the UK.” 



Amanda is responsible for HR at Fargro. Amanda says: “Because I came in as a solo HR Manager, I looked at a number of third-party HR providers for business support and took a long time deciding what services were best suited for the Company’s needs.

“We signed up with Croner in order to give me a sounding board and a place where I could go to for advice should I needed it. As it turns out I did need Croner’s advice. I was originally signed up as a Croner-i client, but I needed to tap into their full range of services.”

How We’ve Helped

“I recently decided to upgrade to their HR Services. This meant I had telephone support 24/7, an assigned case manager when required, and access to great templates. This keeps me up to date with employment law changes and cases as well as Croner Face2Face support and insurance cover.

“Croner advisers, in particular Rebecca Chikowore & April Harrington, and the Paralegal Team, Megan Roche & Nicole Phiri, are the most useful resources we now have access to. Their service has been superb.

“Everyone is friendly, professional, and helpful. I’m confident with employment law, I know what most situations entail, but I always think it’s sensible to sanity check with advice from the HR consultants at Croner. Knowing that I have someone I can call when an issue occurs is extremely reassuring.

“Overall, the service has been excellent and I would most definitely recommend Croner to others.”

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