G-Hold is an ergonomic tech company based in Edinburgh. The company was founded by Alison Grieve in 2010 after she invented patented hand holding technology for the food service industry a year earlier. Martina Zupan, Production Manager at G-Hold tells us about the company’s history and process:

“We make ergonomic holders for devices. Our main product is G-Hold, which is a tablet holder. We also recently launched a holder for phones.

“The company started 10 years ago with a product called SafeTray. It’s a service tray with a fold-away handhold on the underside of it.”

“We use a local plastic manufacturer to obtain parts, then we assemble them in-house to make up our products. We have a team of assemblers who are all self-employed. They’re usually individuals who have their own start-up businesses, or are looking to start a new career, and they use this opportunity as a way of supporting themselves while they set that up. The amount of self-employed individuals we use depends on how big the order is.”

“Based in the UK, our products are readily assembled and packaged for delivery to our customers around the world.”



G-Hold have been Croner clients for just over a year. However, when the original user of the Croner service left the company, Martina took over.

“It wasn’t myself who originally signed up with Croner. Unfortunately, that person has now left the business and it was handed over to me. I’m familiar with the key functions of the service, and have used them, but am still getting to grips with the full service Croner can provide.”

How We’ve Helped

“In terms of the technical support I’ve had, every query I’ve had about the system so far has been answered. We just want to expand our usage of the service now.

“Croner was a useful tool in helping us manage a recent employee issue. We requested a call back for guidance and they got back to us promptly. The advice helped us go through the process properly and ensured we were compliant all the way. And, they sent us some forms to use which we wouldn’t have had otherwise. The whole process was really helpful and the situation is now completely resolved.

“Bryan McCracken came on-site and reviewed our health & safety policies, documents, and some of the things we needed to update, here in the office. That includes the main office, the assembly space, and the storage unit that we have. We walked around and looked at all of the signage and posters we had to see if they were up to standard.

“He was incredibly helpful in making sure we were compliant with health & safety regulations. He also let us know that if we needed support at any time he would always get back to us.

“We’ve also received updates on our handbooks and contracts. The changes are ready to be implemented in April and the templates we’ve been sent over are fantastic.

“Overall, I’m very happy with the service. Whenever I’ve needed advice, I’ve been able to get it. Moving forward, I want to expand our use of the service as we’re using the basics only at the moment. But if our experience so far is anything to go on, we’ll be very happy.”

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