George Bence Group

Despite their rich and extensive heritage, the George Bence Group maintain a modern approach and constantly embrace the latest technology to affirm their position as Gloucestershire’s leading independent builders merchant.


"At Bence's, our object is simple: we work hard to provide first-class products and services to all our customers at the most competitive rates. Established in 1854, we are still a local family-run business, serving the local community and playing out part in the local economy." says Paul Bence, Managing Director.  

How We've Helped

"For over one hundred and fifty years, Bence's has led the way in construction supplies in Gloucestershire, offering the same friendly and professional service to all our trade customers and DIY enthusiasts."

While achieving success in the industry, which has resulted in numerous awards for the group, Bence's has utilised Croner's services for the past 15 years to assist with their internal people and safety operations.

From generic business advice to navigation through difficult and sensitive incidents, Croner have been a trusted partner of the George Bence Group throughout he extensive years of partnership.

"Croner's service is superb," says Paul. "I can, and do, highly recommend the service offered.

"Their team provides us with external HR advice therefore reducing an overhead requirement in our internal costings. Croner provides Directors and Senior Management with sound advice to make commercial and accurate decision making.

"They have also helped us through a very difficult situation in the past when Richard, one of the employment consultants, offered us delicate and thorough advice, and the process was managed through a compromise agreement to our satisfaction."

Five years ago, Paul explains that the relationship between Croner and Bence's almost played out very differently to the subsequent years of support the group gained.

"We were not using the Croner service to its full benefit, and so we were struggling to see the value. However, after meeting with our outstanding Account Manager - Julie Skeet - she put the faith back into the value that Croner can provide and we worked differently with the service offered, which has paid off handsomely.

"Since then, we have had a very reliable service 24/7 with value for money and experienced experts in the relevant field. We have absolute confidence to make the right decisions in the workplace now based on the sound advice from Croner."

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