Hogarth Architects

The Director of Hogarth Architects came across the Croner service by accident, but was glad that she did when she discovered that we could help solve a major contract issue.


Hogarth Architects is an architecture practice specialising in contemporary design. They offer a range of services, including architecture, planning applications and interior design.

Claire Farrow, Director of Hogarth Architects tells us a little about the organisation:

“We are a modern private residential practice, based in London, and have been operating for almost 16 years now.

“We’re also a relatively new Croner client, we’ve been with you now for around 2-3 months.”


Claire came across Croner’s advice mostly by accident, after attempting to handle an employment contract issue primarily through acas, she dialled Croner’s number seeking advice.

“We came to Croner for assistance with an employment contract issue that we were having,” explains Claire, “initially, we tried to resolve the issue through acas, we went to them first, but then I called up Croner instead.

“The consultant I spoke to suggested an on-site visit, so we agreed to that, and it became clear very quickly that you were offering a very reasonable service, so we decided to carry on using it and signed up as a Croner client as it was very affordable.”

How We’ve Helped

Hogarth Architects had an initial visit to help set up their account, and then a follow-up visit by their assigned legal consultant, Simon Hoyle.

“After trying for a while to resolve our contract issue with acas, we got Croner on board and they told me (which was invaluable) that we were 100% in the right,” states Claire, “Simon Hoyle has been my legal advisor throughout and he is excellent.”

Since then, Croner have been assisting in redrafting employment documentation for the company whilst providing ongoing advice and support. 

“Croner have been helping us rewrite all of our employment contracts, and the advice and support we’ve received so far has been completely invaluable because it reassured me that we were right in what we were doing.

“I would definitely recommend that any small business should use Croner for independent HR advice, especially if they are without an in-house HR individual, because the laws surrounding employment change all the time and what you think you knew just a few years ago is no longer relevant. Croner made me aware that Employment law changes all the time.

“Also, people are more litigious these days, so I would definitely recommend your support as it’s inexpensive. I wish I’d found Croner earlier if I’m honest, because it tends to take a lot more time proving that you are right than preventing the issue in the first place. But luckily, it’s all been so much easier with Croner on board.”

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