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Being a large group of hotels, Holiday Inn Express often need additional HR support to help managers work through a wide variety of HR situations.


Close to the M1 in Buckinghamshire, the Holiday Inn Express Milton Keynes is a popular favourite for people on business during this week and enjoying the local leisure activities and nightlife at the weekends.

The 192 bedroom hotel employs 29 members of staff and has central HR support, but often needs additional help to work through some of their more complex cases.


"I've had to use the service a few times for cases where we need some help to know how to handle them" says Deputy Manager John Akers.

"In one of the cases hotel property was going missing and we needed support with challenging the member of staff we suspected of taking it.

"There was a lot of advice about how to gather evidence and he action we needed to take with regards to the disciplinary. We also got advice on the right letters to send and what to do at the meeting.

How We've Helped

"There was a step by step approach that was easy to follow to a conclusion. In situations like this you risk jeopardising yourself by not following all of the right processes, which is why it's so useful to have the helpline."

For John a big priority is to manage poor performing colleagues back into meeting the high expectations of the hotel group.

"The helpline supported me in managing an employee's poor time keeping and the employee is now back to meeting expectations", says John.

"The advice we received provided us with the knowledge to address it in the best way. We had help with letter and sound advice that enabled us to draw a line in the sand, which resolved the situation and managed the colleague back to work.

"By not jumping in two feet first, we received a very favourable outcome."

Holiday Inn Express, by Atlas Hotels, currently use Croner's 24/7 employment law and business support helpline.

The modern hotel is ideally located near to the fast growing city of Milton Keynes. It provides a great place to stay for people visiting the area's many leisure attractions, including Gullivr's World, MK Xscape, the Indoor Ski & Snowboard Centre and the famous Silverstone Racing Circuit.

The hotel is part of the award winning Atlas Hotel Group, which owns and operates 47 hotels in the UK.

The group prides itself on putting the guest experience at the heart of everything they do.

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