Human Capital Ventures Ltd

After experiencing Croner’s service through his REC membership, and experiencing several staffing issues, Phillip Ringrow made the choice to switch his HR provider to Croner.


Human Capital Ventures is an IT recruitment and staffing organisation. Phillip Ringrow, Chief Workforce Architect, tells us a little about the company:

“We are incorporated in the UK and the USA, we have a large portfolio of multi-national customers where we go and acquire technical resources for them. Our recruitment services are very IT and digital-focused.

“We have a physical office in Milton Keynes and a virtual office in the US. We had a formal relationship with an outsource HR company, they were a smaller, retained organisation.

“We were aware of Croner through our REC membership, who are our governing body.”

Croner partner with the REC to provide members with access to advice on workplace matters including employment and safety. Through this partnership, REC members can access Croner’s services at discounted rates, which Phillip took advantage of.

“Also, one of our customers left and joined Croner as an HR consultant. So, it just made sense, with our discount, and access to her services, that we should make the switch.”


“We’d had some ongoing staff challenges internally, and being a recruitment business obviously we are very performance-driven.

“Our employee handbook and policy documentation wasn’t very robust, which is one of the main reasons we wanted to switch to Croner. We immediately started on a large programme of updating and implementing stronger policy documents.

“With some holes in our documentation, dealing with any HR challenges was even more difficult. So updating those was our first priority.”

How We’ve Helped

“Kate came on board and started to help us with drafting new policy documents, consulting with the staff, implementing a new online management system, rolling out a new employee handbook and contracts.

“Unfortunately, even once we got those in place, we still faced a few HR challenges. We had some performance issues, attendance issues, and conduct issues.

“That’s when we decided to utilise Croner Face2Face. We had Croner’s consultants in a number of meetings from then on. Initially, we had Kate Westwood, then, we had Jenny Taylor. During the process I was liaising with my assigned paralegal, Danielle McCabe. And, all the while, we had advisors on the phone providing support and guidance.

“Croner came on board to help us redraft all of our policies and documentation, and start structuring our HR policies and processes a lot better, which in conjunction with the advice line enabled us to better manage our HR and staff performance moving forward, and we were also able to leverage Croner’s extended service, such as Croner Face2Face to come help support us, and conduct meetings with our employees in person when required.”

“Croner also provided us with a 24 hour helpline which we’ve found incredibly helpful, because most of the time we needed to make contact was either in the evening or over the weekend. This helped us better manage our processes and performance moving forward.”

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