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They help people get from A to B; illustrate the countdown of stops before a destination; and at times, are a welcome distraction from a carriage’s bold seat patterns, and more often than not, they will be produced by KBH on Train Media.


Train maps, adverts and safety signs are seen by thousands and thousands of train passengers every single day, and it would be a rarity to spot any of them which haven’t been created by this successful advertising company.

KBH on Train Media was founded in 1998, and to this date, have contracts with nine train operation companies across 11 networks, including South West Trains and Southeastern.

The media company primarily sells advertising space on trains, but also undertakes a lot of work with train companies themselves when printing and installing maps, information panels, and safety signs. Because of their work and their portfolio, KBH on Train Media now employ around 30 individuals.


KBH Media have been a Croner client for seven years now. Prior to this, they managed all their HR issues internally but felt the need for more in-depth expertise to help them as the company grew and to comply with the very stringent Network Rail Rulebook.

Given that the number of people using the rail ascends at pace year on year, with 1.68 billion passengers over the past year alone, it is clear why the rail industry is notoriously strict, especially in regard to Health & Safety issues. “We wanted to instigate more structure as the company grew and sought the assistance of Croner, who helped us to put a handbook together working to the guidelines, setting out standards of acceptable behaviour, and outlining what we expect people to do,” Fiona Holland, Head of HR and Insight says.

How We've Helped

“Croner helped us to put more structure into it, which gave everyone a clearer idea of what is expected, and how they are meant to be working.”

KBH on Train Media have been a Croner Simplify client ever since 2010. Over this time, they have taken advantage of a spectrum of benefits and tools the software allows, including advice, attendance recording, and documentation.

“Because we are a small company, we don’t really have what I’d call a specialist, only myself, and although I have a lot of business experience I haven’t had any professional HR training, so I use Croner for their expertise.

“Croner’s service has been very good over the years. I have had numerous calls from various companies asking if they could come in and talk to me to provide a service, but I haven’t felt like changing anything because of the standard of service I have now.”

Croner Simplify can cater to companies of all sizes and assist with documentation, template letters and forms; accident and disease reporting; information to help you run your business; online training, and more.

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