Kip McGrath Dartford


Kip McGrath is a private tutor company originating in Australia.  Alan Cox is the franchisee of Kip McGrath Dartford.  The company helps primary and secondary school age children to improve and extend their learning.  Their ethos is that every child can thrive in the correct environment which allows their confidence to grow along with their attainment.

This branch of Kip McGrath is located in Dartford, Kent.  Alan has owned this franchise for approximately four and a half years and at present employs eight part-time tutors.


Lynne Pitchers, Centre Manager, explained that the original reason for approaching Croner was to get advice and help with an HR issue that had arisen. Lynne explained that Kip Head Office do provide some HR help, however they felt they required some  more expert advice and Alan approached Croner. 

When initially choosing an HR company, Alan liked the fact that he could email and someone would ring back.  This made him feel more comfortable and that the company were not a scam trying to raise money through expensive call rates.

An appointment was made and Caroline Radford visited the Centre.  Alan and Lynne were impressed with the immediate assistance they were given and, after having had everything clearly explained to them, decided to sign up with Croner.

Although Croner was unable to carry on assisting with the query Kip McGrath Dartford originally contacted them for, they have been very helpful with another issue and feel that, even in the short time since appointing Croner, they have already had excellent value for money.

How We've helped.

Having only signed up recently, Kip McGrath Dartford are currently going through the implementation process, meaning they have multiple contacts within the Group dealing with different elements of the business.

Lynne explained that at the moment they have quite a few contacts at Croner.  The implementation tutorial of Croner Simplify was with Michael Chapman. “This was a good humoured, friendly but informative phone call.”  Alan has had regular contact with a Croner solicitor, Sharon Sidhu, who has provided legal support required via email or phone.  Alan has been very impressed with Sharon, who he says “is prompt, professional, yet down to earth and approachable.”

For HR they have been dealing with Emily Kearl and Natasha Kahan, with whom they are also impressed.  “Both are punctual and friendly, allowing us to make our own decisions while providing all the legal considerations.”

Their Health and Safety contact is Alan Rimmington. Kip McGrath Dartford “just want to make sure we are complying with everything from a health and safety perspective. It is especially important as many children pass through our Centre.

“Overall, we have valued everyone’s time and effort advising us on their specialised area of Croner expertise. So far the advice and service has been brilliant”

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