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Leverton and Sons are an independent funeral director that has been providing their services since 1789 in the Greater London area. From creating modest funerals on a budget to high-profile funeral processions, they offer their clients comfort, support and professional guidance at every step of the way.

It was no wonder they came to Croner for help with one of their recent issues.



They had stored boxes and other items in their roof void due to lack of space, and it had become standard practice to store items near the entrance. As no incidences had occurred, they become complacent about the risk of injuries. On the day of the accident, an employee accessed the space, however, the item was stored further back than usual. The employee had to go inside to obtain the items, walking over un-boarded and fragile areas.

As a result, the employee lost their balance, falling backwards into the wooden rafters and injuring their back. The injuries did not seem severe at the time, however, was later discovered the employee fractured their back and was out of work for almost 2 months. The company was not aware of its duty to report the accident to RIDDOR and was waiting until the employee had returned to take any action. Later, the local authority investigated this accident. Following an accident, it become clear the funeral directors had to prioritise their Health and Safety.


How We’ve Helped:

Croner took quick action to help mitigate the circumstances, ensuring the RIDDOR report was not delayed further and assisted with the investigation.


With Croner’s prompt response and assistance, the client had all the documentation including the investigation documents, updated risk assessments and training records in place prior to the local authority’s investigation. The client was able to demonstrate they took responsibility and implemented remedial actions to prevent a re-occurrence. As a result, the local authority took no further action against the client. 


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