For more than forty years, Mulberry has been a leading British lifestyle brand, internationally acclaimed for their quality and design.


Born in 1971, the roots of Mulberry originated in Somerset, and have since spread nation and world-wide to attain their current recognition as a leading, iconic fashion brand.

“As the HR Advisor for the business area, I used Croner’s legal advice line to navigate through numerous processes during the complex case,” Kayleigh says.  


For almost ten years of their operations, Croner have supported the organisation with matters involving legal guidance and employment advice.

On one occasion which involved a very complex HR case, Kayleigh Hayward, Senior HR Advisor at Mulberry, utilised Croner’s legal support to navigate through numerous processes and reach the best possible outcome – and in doing so, avoided the threat of tribunal proceedings.

How We've Helped

With sensitive factors to consider and various challenges to overcome, Croner were able to help Kayleigh handle the case correctly, and also prepare for the possibility of a tribunal hearing following the employee’s consultation with a union.

“Croner were able to guide me through the correct process for dealing with the case at every stage,” says Kayleigh.

“The litigation team supported us by preparing our defence and guiding us through the process, helpfully providing coaching to managers who had not attended a tribunal previously.

“Thankfully, the case did not make it to a hearing, but I had been confident that if it had then we would have been very well represented.

“I want to say a personal thank you for all Croner’s help supporting me to prepare for this case, I know we didn’t end up with our day in court but I am confident we would have been fully prepared if we had had to go, and this is thanks to your advice. You’ve been great.

“Croner’s service is excellent, I feel very supported in my role.”

While this case did not reach tribunal, many employers are not so fortunate and experience the detrimental impact of proceedings, both in terms of cost and reputation.

In addition, on Wednesday 26 July 2017, the Supreme Court ruled that tribunal fees are unlawful and a barrier to justice, abolishing them with immediate effect.

As a result of this ruling, employment tribunal claims and proceedings may be likely to rise in the near future.

If an employee feels that you, as an employer, have treated them unfairly, there is nothing to stop them making a claim against you, which could have a devastating effect on your business.

All employers are encouraged to act now to protect yourself and your organisation, especially when considering that all tribunal judgements are now published publicly.

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