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One Energy Solutions is an energy consultancy, helping make UK businesses green. Operations Director, Matthew Gatiss, talks to us about the company, its service, and its future:

“Our mission is to make businesses more green, more sustainable—we’re working towards a greener future for everybody in the UK. We’re also looking to expand globally, starting with Canada, Holland, and Australia.

“On a service level, we look at businesses energy bills to make sure everything adds up, offering advice on how to balance their budget. We also provide full energy management solutions, looking at every single input and output the business has to reduce wasted energy. The goal is to make the businesses more energy efficient and cost effective.”


“At the time we signed up to Croner it was just myself managing the business. We were expanding so I began to consider my options. I realised I could hire a professional HR representative and a health & safety expert—or I could outsource those roles.

“If I was going to do that, I would do it with a company that has a very good reputation. For me, Croner was the clear option. You have an international presence which will be incredibly useful when we expand globally.

“I booked an appointment with Richard Long and had a conversation about our requirements. I was extremely impressed, he really knew his stuff. Shortly after, I experienced an HR issue with a specific employee, and Croner have supported me through the entire process. The issue is now resolved.”

How We've Helped

“When calling the advice line, I’ve been able to pick up the phone and speak to an adviser instantly. The team were able to hold my hand through the entire issue, from start to finish. I’ve been provided with the correct documentation during the call and supporting documentation shortly afterwards. Most issues are resolved on the same day.

“I wanted to have the comfort of knowing that any staff I brought on board would have full support. That’s why it’s great to have the employee assistance programme (EAP). There are a lot of high-pressure roles in this industry, and I’m aware that they can have an effect on mental health. Knowing that they’ve got support through the EAP provides employees with peace of mind.

“The software solutions Croner offer are fantastic. Knowing we can manage staff holidays all in one place makes things so much easier—it just works. BrightHR is a phenomenal bit of software, it’s impacted everyone in the business. Employees know who is on holiday, they know how much holiday they have left, they can look at their own documents at any time. Having someone on the other end of the phone to help with issues is invaluable. There’s never any judgement or negativity, just straightforward advice. I feel really comfortable talking through any issues we have. I cannot fault the service I’ve been given.”

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