Palmer Timber Ltd


In 2015 two Employees walked across their Yard in Cradley Heath and were struck by a side loader forklift truck causing life-changing injuries.  The site had no segregation of pedestrians and vehicles and this led to a serious incident with the Employees.

HSE Prosecution: 

How we helped?

Palmer Timber Limited were a Safety Client with us and had a dedicated consultant in Chris Peck.  We helped them develop a Workplace Transport Assessment over the next month and this was implemented by the end of March that Year.  On follow the assessment had been developed into a Workplace Transport Plan and this in turn addressed other potential concerns raised by CP.

We continued to successfully audit all three sites with only minor issues raised and addressed by CP.

The Client continued with Safety support until 2020 when they upgraded to Croner Professional HR only with Safety Advice only.   

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