Pet Industry Federation


The Pet Industry Federation is a trade organisation for all pet businesses, ranging from small independent dog walkers and groomers to retailers and manufacturers. They’re based in Olney, Buckinghamshire—a relatively new location for them in their 74-year history. Now, they support over 1,500 members across all sectors of the pet industry. Their members get a range of business benefits, such as discounted insurance and discounts on their phone lines. They also offer a legal helpline which Croner now provide.

“We switched to Croner quite recently,” states Membership Manager, Gemma Martin, “and so far the service has been absolutely invaluable to us. Now we get a range of resources, plus we’ve been able to utilise the coronavirus toolkit which is full of resources relating to the lockdown in the past few months.”


“Croner’s services are advertised in our membership brochure which goes out to everyone who joins the federation. We advertise your services on our website too. When a new member joins they have access to their membership profile which includes a page on all their member benefits—Croner features on that list. We also send out regular emails which advertise the Croner legal helpline service.

“Amy Hinchliffe has been absolutely incredible. Quick responses, always happy to help. She updates me whenever there’s something new that our members can utilise. We’ll then usually include that resource in our next email and promote it on social media.”


“For us personally, our executive team have found Croner’s legal advice invaluable. That’s helped with our own business, not just members.

“It’s always a massive pull for prospective new members to know that they’ll have access to a free legal helpline. I have been astounded with the work Croner have been putting in during the COVID-19 period, the extent of resources available is incredible. It helps free up my time, and we can rest easy knowing we’ve got legally correct and up-to-date advice for our members. It’s exactly what all of us need.

“I’ve had zero complaints from members, everyone has said that they have gotten the answers that they needed. Having such excellent legal service only helps reinforce the quality of the service we’re offering to our members.

“Croner ranks among the top of our benefits in my opinion. It’s one of the first things I tell new members about when they join us. It doesn’t matter what the nature of the business is, everyone needs legal support at some point when running a business. I’m very happy with the Croner partnership.”

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