Phusion is a global business based in Billingham, Cleveland. Including their second office in Perth, Australia, Phusion currently employs around 20 people. Phusion have been in the business of providing information management solutions for 25 years. This includes mobile apps as well as content, consultancy services and a data factory. Glynis Brown, Business Support Manager at Phusion states, “We provide information management services to various industries, mainly offshore and petrochemical industries, but we are now expanding into other avenues.”


Glynis is an experienced HR professional, but is relatively new to the sector, “The majority of my career has been in HR, and even when I wasn’t directly working in HR, I’ve always had some form of involvement.” So, when she started her role as Business Support Manager a few months previously, for her, the main challenges lay in familiarising herself with the industry: “I’m originally from an engineering background, so moving into software was all new to me, luckily the team here are lovely and so the move has been very pleasant.

“There haven’t really been any challenges on the HR side of things so far. The main challenges that have cropped up for me have been due to not knowing the industry and working in a totally new environment- it still is a bit of a challenge even several months on!”

One thing that helped her face the challenge of starting a new role was the implementation of Croner's online management system:

“The Croner system was in place when I started the role so it allowed me to focus on the new and challenging elements of the job, knowing HR was well-managed and under control. I’ve recently finished my level 5 CIPD; I’ve worked in HR for many years, but now it has enabled me to get the qualification that matched my position.”

How We’ve Helped

Phusion initially signed up with Croner back in 2013, and have recently made the decision to continue for the foreseeable future: “We renewed the online management system a couple of months ago,” says Glynis, who has had to familiarise herself with the system fairly quickly in her new position, “I’ve had a couple of calls with Croner to talk me through how to best utilise the system, and everyone we’ve spoken to has been very incredibly helpful.

“We use it primarily to monitor sickness and holidays, I’m in the process of learning how to use the rest of the system so we can take full advantage of it. I think I’m getting there!” she laughs.

Glynis has also taken advantage of the advice lines, “I called the helplines with a query regarding GDPR. Chloe Green took our handbook and made some contributions where we needed to add sections for GDPR, and also made suggestions to make sure we were compliant with current legislation.”

“This handbook review happens yearly and is very thorough and precise, the suggested changes are now with our Managing Director for approval.”

Overall, Glynis is extremely happy with the service she’s been provided so far, and hopes with further guidance, she’ll be able to utilise Croner to its full potential. “Gosh, I would absolutely recommend the service- it is fantastic for anyone looking for expert HR support.”

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