Print Inc. are an embroidery and print company based in Carmarthenshire, South Wales. They specialise in bespoke business to business embroidery, print, and merchandise supplies. Offering a 7-10 day turnaround on order with free local delivery. They are also an approved supplier to both Hywel Dda and the Welsh NHS.

The business began operations in 2016, and currently employees 2 people, but is looking to expand and hire more staff members as it does.


Ange Windsor, Company Director at Print Inc. tells us about her experience at the time of signing up with Croner:

“I did have a particular issue I wanted to address at the time of signing up with Croner,” she explains, ‘’issues relating to staff along with personal issues, resulted in the business needing external support and guidance’’

How We’ve Helped

“Even though I have legal support—as the issue preceded us signing up—I still had lots of support through Croner. Just knowing there’s someone there who ‘gets it’, and is always available, is a huge help. They really understand how hard it can be running a business and the challenges relating to employment.

“You never think it’s going to happen to you. You think: ‘I’m only a small company, these things happen to multi-million pound companies.’ They don’t. I think that’s why small businesses are vulnerable to.

“In my case, it was only really me who could deal with the situation. I can’t be head of HR, sales, risk and health & safety. I can only do my best to cover all of those roles until the business is at the point where it can employ someone to take on those responsibilities.

“Throughout the whole experience I had support from Paul and from the Croner advisers, both via the advice line and on-site. Having that level of support is priceless.

Knowing you’ve got Croner there—specialists in the field—is invaluable. They essentially become your HR department.

“I am very happy with the service. I’d recommend Croner’s support to all businesses, no matter what sector they work in, or how big the company is. I have learnt that having a specialist HR team behind you, and having the correct contracts and policies in place allows you to focus on the business and be prepared.”

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