Shoreham Port


Shoreham Port is a medium sized organisation within the maritime sector. “Shoreham Port is one of the largest cargo handling Trust ports on the South Coast. With excellent stevedoring and storage facilities we help to supply South East England with imported materials.” explains Nicky Goldsbrough, Director of Corporate Services. “We have just over 100 employees based in the south-east, just outside of Brighton on the coast spread across multiple offices.”


The main challenge Shoreham Port faced was benchmarking the diverse range of roles they were recruiting for:

“Many of the roles at the Port are extremely unique and we wanted to take an analytical approach to the reward packages offered. Some roles can be challenging to find comparable within the local market and we wanted to use a system that captured the full scope of the role. 

“Ensuring that the package we offered was fair and reasonable whilst also being competitive and enabling us to attract the right talent was crucial.”

Prior to Croner, Shoreham Port reviewed pay on an annual basis “We gave a specific percentage increase to all staff. Our new Remuneration Strategy is far more individual, recognising an individual’s development and contribution.”

How We’ve Helped

After a recommendation, Nicky signed up for Croner’s SalarySearch benchmarking & job evaluation software.

Nicky is particularly fond of the service Croner Reward’s consultants provide. “We have worked with a reward expert from Croner every year. Our usual consultant is excellent, she always puts everything into context. She tests us and challenges us, and for that reason we like to have her come down every time.

As well as benchmarking & job evaluation services, Nicky also made use of Croner’s gender pay reporting. “The report was very clear and concise and I would strongly recommend it to others. The overall process for the report was good and everything was provided exactly as requested.”

“I would absolutely recommend Croner Reward to anyone working in the maritime sector, or to anyone looking for a comprehensive gender pay gap report.”

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