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SPF Private Clients Ltd is a debt & insurance brokers, providing wealth management services to individuals. Nigel Moore, Finance Director of SPF tells us a little about his company:

“SPF Private Clients Limited was set up in 1998 to act as a debt broker for Savills plc. Over time SPF added Insurance broking and wealth management services. In the peak (2006) SPF employed 300 staff and had a turnover of £30m. In 2008 staff were reduced to 80 (Lehman collapse / house purchase market decline) and has now gradually been built back up. Currently SPF employs 150 people with 130 based in central London and the balance in Savills office / working from home.”


With HR services previously provided by Savills, SPF wanted to become self-reliant moving forward.

“We used to be part of Savills plc, a big real estate company,” explains Nigel, “so HR advice was provided via them. We came to realise we couldn’t keep relying on them, especially if any worst-case scenarios happen. We were doing fine, but I knew that one of these days we could come across a stumbling block and it would be too late to do anything about it.

“So, we made the decision to approach it in a more professional manner via Croner.”

Implementing a new HR system can have a big impact on a business, which can be distressing when employees are used to the status quo:

“I love working for a company that has a slightly more informal approach to HR, but you also have to cover your back, and our old system was too informal and needed formularising. Croner allows us to have that atmosphere while providing us the HR cover we need.

“There is still a bit of mentality around the office that health & safety is common sense due to the fact we work in a relatively low-risk environment, but that is something we are working on.”

How We’ve Helped

Nigel feels that Croner’s assistance has helped make HR and H&S within the business more streamlined and professional:

“The most useful resource Croner provides is its online HR support. It is available on tap in a cost effective manner. But we use the Simplify system for staff HR records, as well as the holiday & sickness tracker and health & safety management.

“From the initial visit we had from Croner, it was pointed out where our health & safety was lacking. Just simple things like particular notices that hadn’t been put up, and how we were recording accidents in our accident book. That initial visit turned my thinking around.

“We have also had a more recently Croner Face2Face visit with Natasha for an initial company assessment for health & safety, as well as help with the system set up. We got on really well with her, she knows her stuff and she’s very regimented in her approach which works well when dealing with people like myself. I need structure.

“I would say Croner has made our HR function more organised and professional, and has highlighted our weaknesses and overall the service has just been very good.”

“I would definitely recommend Croner to others working in the financial sector.”

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