Spitfire Advice & Support Services Ltd


Spitfire Advice and Support Services Ltd (Spitfire Services) is a resident-led charity that was established in 1995 as Castle Vale Tenants and Residents Alliance as a direct response to the growing issues of poverty in Birmingham. 

They are now a multi-purpose charity with a dedicated and committed staff team, who work tirelessly to support the most isolated and vulnerable in society. 

They deliver a number of projects that provide free and impartial money, housing and legal advice, employment support, volunteering placements, and local crisis interventions to assist families hardest hit by changes to welfare benefits and other legal reforms. 


They needed specialist advice from Croner regarding one of their employee's underperforming. Part of this stated that he was completing PIP forms for clients, it was later found out that this wasn’t the case. 

This is an example of what Croner has been able to help them with over the past couple of years, as well as advising on redundancies. 

How we’ve helped? 

Croner spoke to Spitfire Advice and Support services regularly over the phone and advised them of what to do before each meeting with the above staff member. They were also able to support them with every staff dismissal and provided them with the documentation to do so.


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