International Syalons have been a Croner client for around a decade, and when Mark Earle took on the role of Quality, Health & Safety Engineer, he took a renewed interest in Croner’s services. He began to utilise all aspects of the service, including consultancy visits, and the online management system.


International Syalons is a manufacturer of advanced ceramics, working for various industries such as aerospace, automotive, mining, and oil & gas, etc.

“We’ve been around for about 40 years now,” says Mark Earle, Quality, Health & Safety Engineer, “we are based in the north-east in Wallsend, and currently employee around 40 individuals.

“I’ve been with the business now for about 15-16 months, and we’ve been with Croner for as long as I’ve been here. I believe we’ve utilised Croner’s advice for around ten years now.”


As Quality, Health & Safety Engineer, Mark is tasked with maintaining International Syalons excellent health & safety record. To ensure they do this, they’ve utilised Croner’s Health & Safety Consultants on multiple occasions.

“We’ve had Croner consultants on-site many times. Usually conducting risk assessments, providing us with guidance on a variety of health & safety issues, or doing some training.

“The service we received was spot on, if the consultant was unable to come on-site, he would always be on the other end of the telephone ready to answer any queries we had and could dish out advice at the drop of a hat.”

How We’ve Helped

Croner’s consultants provide everything from risk assessments, on-the-day action points, on-site training, and more.

“The last time we had a consultant on-site was to conduct a fire risk assessment, because obviously we’re not qualified to do that. When there’s big changes in the business we could get a Croner consultant to implement those changes, and then we would review and monitor it as and when was needed, providing there were no further major changes needed.

“Also we were unaware that we had an online management system at our disposal too, as I wasn’t informed about it when the previous health & safety manager left the business.

“We were shown all of the resources available to us, including all of the online risk assessments.

“Now that we are aware of it and have been shown how to utilise it properly, that’s had a massive impact and we’ll be using it a lot more moving forward. At the moment we’re primarily using it for the risk assessments, but there are also policies and procedures online that we’ve not gotten round to using. We will use the online management system to its full capability once we’ve used the risk assessments to bring that part of the business up to scratch.

“I would recommend Croner to any other businesses in my sector, 100%.”

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