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Tangent International is a specialist recruitment company. They provide truly niche expertise in the communication & technology sectors. Sharon Cripps, HR Manager at Tangent provides us with her background of the business:

“Tangent have been operating for around 34 years now. We have approximately 86 staff, the majority of which are based in the UK. The head office is in the UK, based in Essex. However we do have offices overseas, including Dubai, America and Australia. Around 10 of our staff operate out there.”




Tangent has now been with Croner for over ten years. Sharon explains what made them sign up and whether it was worth it:

“I was working as an executive assistant to the Directors. At that time we realised that HR was becoming a job within itself. As a result, I switched my duties to focus more on the HR side of the business.

“We started spending money on advice from lawyers for employment law advice. Unfortunately, that approach means you’re making phone calls that cost you a few hundred pounds each. So when we discovered Croner it just seemed like the right move to sign up. And it has absolutely saved us money from that perspective.

“It’s mainly myself who looks after HR within the business, but we have recently hired a HR apprentice to help with some of the workload. Things like employee training and wellbeing tend to come back to us to handle, so we need the extra support.”

How We've Helped

“The advice line is incredible. Most of the time you know what you’re doing, but it’s always good to get the reassurance. One of the things we really like about Croner is the advisers don’t sit on the fence. They’ll always guide you down the right path. Or, if you want to go down an alternate route, they’ll advise whether it’s a good decision and how to mitigate risk. You don’t tend to get that with employment law solicitors, their information can be a little vague, probably so you have to call back and spend more money!

“Croner have conducted some leadership training for us. It was really good, and since having it we’ve continued employee development. Croner served as the first step to get that training off the ground.

“We had our annual visit from Croner last month. We we’re looking through our contracts and discussing making some cuts as they were very lengthy. Kelsey Gosden offered to take them and completely review and reformat them for us. And, she provided some excellent advice. That’s just typical of the Croner service.

“When you ring up you generally get adviser right away, but if you don’t they never fail to call you back. And, the advice they give is spot on. Overall, the service has had a massive impact on the business.”

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