Tedi London


The Engineering & Design Institute London (TEDI-London) is a collaborative, design‐led engineering Higher Education provider co-founded by the three PLuS Alliance partners – Arizona State University, King’s College London and UNSW Sydney.

We are a new, degree-awarding UK Higher Education provider specialising in engineering education at undergraduate degree level and offer a new, hands-on engineering education for future engineers.

Our project‐based programmes empower students to become independent, curious learners with a global, future‐focused outlook. As well as offering students an innovative and practical way to study engineering, our mission is to attract students from diverse backgrounds to consider engineering as an option for study. With a global shortage of engineers, attracting more people to the profession is paramount to tackling our ever-pressing global challenges.

The organisation has been operating since 2019 and working with Croner since inception.


As a startup engineering teaching organisation, leveraging benchmarking services, such as those provided by Croner, has brought numerous benefits for TEDI-London. Croner's expertise in the field of external comparison has proven invaluable in guiding us towards necessary adjustments in our compensation practices.

One significant advantage we have experienced is the enhanced ability to attract and retain skilled professionals through competitive compensation and benefits. This is particularly crucial in a competitive talent landscape, and benchmarking has helped us ensure that our offerings align with industry standards.

Moreover, the job evaluation manual provided by Croner has facilitated fair and transparent compensation practices.

In addition to the tangible benefits, the decision-making support offered by Adam Turner, our dedicated benchmarking contact, has been exceptional. Adam has been readily available for conversations and support, helping us navigate the complexities of benchmarking and ensuring that our decisions are well-informed.

In summary, by engaging a benchmarking provider like Croner, we have gained access to valuable external data that has empowered us to compare and refine our compensation packages. This, in turn, has aided us in attracting top talent, ensuring fairness, and optimising costs. Furthermore, the strategic decision-making support and enhanced employee satisfaction and engagement resulting from this process have contributed significantly to the overall success of our organisation.

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