Thames Valley Infrastructure Alliance

From your morning coffee to an evening bath, water is an essential part of daily life.


Naturally, this means that the UK’s largest water provider will boast millions and millions of customers: 15 million to be exact.

Thames Valley Infrastructure Alliance have been a Croner client for just under two years. They supply around 2,600 million litres of tap water across London and the Thames Valley, where they have been operating since 2001.

One of their core values encompasses protecting the environment, including responsible and sustainable use of natural resources.

As well as acting as a conscientious employer externally, the company also ensures that best practice is bred internally, too.

Trudy Maddock has worked at Thames Water for five years as a Team Leader. Part of her responsibility during this time has been to conduct Performance and Development Reviews (PDR) for employees, illustrating the company’s commitment to internal wellbeing.


"If the reviews happen to highlight underperformance in any areas, or with any individual, a Performance Support Plan (PSP) is initiated to help improvement," Trudy explains.

When Trudy was tasked with introducing the first of the PSPs for a particular employee, she sought Croner’s help straight away.

“I had never created an official PSP before,” she recalls.

When working on the support plan, Trudy often used Croner as a sounding board for the content and process to follow. She sent numerous draft copies to Croner for feedback, regularly receiving suggestions and changes back.

How We've Helped

Trudy recollects, “I went along with the suggestions that were made by Croner, and I felt comfortable delivering the support plan because of the help that I’d been given.

“Some parts were taken out – I wasn’t sure how to word it, but I was advised by the Croner agents the whole time.”

After three months of the plan being in place, the employee in question had improved.

Trudy says, “As the employee improved, there was no need to extend [the plan], so they were taken off the PSP, which is obviously the best outcome we could’ve had.”

Croner can help with a wide range of employment issues and processes, including the document amendments discussed by Trudy.

“It is good to have someone to talk to, to get a second opinion. The experience I have when speaking with Croner has been very good, and they have been extremely helpful with my queries,” She compliments.

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