Thames Water

Thames Water is the UK’s largest water and wastewater services company – supplying 2.6 million litres of drinking water and treating 4.4 billion litres of sewage, each day.


Supplying water services to 9 million customers spread across a geographical area stretching from the South East to the West Country means Thames Water’s employees work across most of the Southern United Kingdom.


One manager whose direct reports cover a large area is Adrian Hurford, who uses Croner’s helpline to support him through some of the more complex HR related cases that crop up. “I line manage 10 people and the day to day management is not a problem. But every so often I need advice quickly to help me work through a particular case,” says Adrian, who is the Field Operations Manager. “About a year ago I had a complex case involving mental health issues. Although we had it documented in our policies, I needed some extra support to ensure we were following the right processes.

How We've Helped

“Croner helped me work through the case in conjunction with our HR business partner and had captured all of the notes. The advisors also proof read everything we send them, such as any letter, which they ensure is written in the right way.

"Croner are a great support to myself alongside our HR team who, due to the fact they support many people, aren’t able to have the same speedy response as Croner. The outcome was a successful resolution for all parties and the employee moved to another role within the organisation.

“I feel confident that I can go to Croner and get what I need. I have learnt that I cannot put everyone in the same box, each individual has their own needs and requirements depending on their circumstances.

"I would recommend Croner as it’s good to know I am not out on my own. Croner’s advisors are experts in their field and give me the right advice.”

The service is also used by Registration Manager Chris Grundy who mainly contacts the Croner helpline for sickness & absence related issues.

“We organise meetings when people reach the maximum, which triggers on our systems. We then consider what the situation is and look for trends. Croner is very helpful in making sure that we follow company policy,” says Chris.

"One example would be ensuring the employee is booked to see occupational health services before a meeting surrounding the absence, as if we do not do this then we are not following the correct procedures and policy.

“What’s helpful is the knowledge and understanding of Croner’s advisors and they always come across very professional. When you call they ensure that they capture all details relating to cases/individuals on the call as well as effected employees and know what all of the polices and procedures are and what to do in the circumstance.

"I know it will be a fair conversation where Croner will signpost us in the right direction within the first 5 to 10 minutes.

“I refer all of my team leaders and managers to the helpline. My team leaders need a bit more support so I am encouraging them to get in contact with Croner if they need any advice.”

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