The Dash Charity

The Dash Charity has been supporting victims of domestic abuse since 1976. The renowned charity has helped thousands of people by providing advice and support through difficult times.


Having supported those affected for over forty years, The Dash Charity - abbreviated from Domestic Abuse Stops Here - are experts in offering support and helping those affected by domestic issues.

In addition to providing this invaluable support, the charity also run an award-winning Advocacy and Outreach Service which was set up in 2008 to support victims within the local community.


Their Advocacy and Outreach Team focus on ensuring that victims of domestic abuse, and any of their dependent children, are able to access the support that they need and that they are safe while living in the community. Through this service the team are able to refer any children of the victim to their Children's Services Team.

While concentrating on their external mission and aims to support vulnerable individuals, and with no internal HR department of their own, The Dash Charity has used Croner for HR and employment support for over four years.

How We've Helped

"We highly recommend Croner to other organisations," says Claire Batchelor, Advocacy and Outreach Service Manager at The Dash Charity.

From expert HR advice to assistance with difficult circumstances, Croner have supported The Dash Charity with a number of situations, including the aftermath of a TUPE transfer.

"We discussed job roles with Croner, who gave us good advice and guidance on the matter," says Claire.

Croner were able to advise and guide Claire, and The Dash Charity as a whole, through the important considerations concerning vulnerability of service users, enhanced DBS checks, and more.

"We also sought advice RE: TUPE and what protective factors there were, as well as suspension and reputation to the charity.

"During a separate matter, Croner helped to present the different options we had with regard to terminating a contract or continuing to an end date for one of our employees."

HR and employment matters have a number of associated complexities - from existing legislation to correct procedures, organisations would always be advised to seek professional support to ensure the best outcomes.

"We have found our employment consultant, Richard Ball, approachable, knowledgeable and very supportive, and I would highly recommend Croner to other organisations," Claire concludes.

To find out more about The Dash Charity and their support, contact 01753 549 865

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