Vogue Showhomes

Vogue Showhomes prides itself on offering an elite design service, tailored to each and every individual customer.


Through their unique and bespoke designs, Vogue Showhomes are able to deliver elegantly crafted projects covering all aspects of interior design, including domestic interior design, showhome, apartments, 3D computer generated imagery, private client design, and furniture packages.


In the summer of 2013, the interior design business re-located their main office to the inspiring surrounding of Sambourne. It is here where their relatively small team of dependable and collaborative experts reside and work together to create the aspirational interiors the business is now renowned for.

Only a few years after their relocation, while perfecting their exterior services, Vogue Showhomes appointed Croner to assist with their internal HR operations.

How We've Helped

"I thought Croner was a really good value offer and very much needed by a small business like mine that does not have a dedicated Personnel function," says Diane Hearnshaw, Managing Director.

From a tribunal proceeding to implementing employee management software, Croner have assisted Vogue Showhomes with a range of HR and Health and Safety matters.

The prospect of an employment tribunal can be daunting for any business, regardless of size. With no internal HR functionality to professional handle their case, Diane used Croner's unrivaled tribunal support to ultimately achieve a successful outcome.

"I was assisted by Kaushik Chaudry in an Employment Tribunal. Kaushik was a tremendous support to me throughout the whole journey," explains Diane.

"He was always calm, and extremely professional throughout. His performance at tribunal was first class, and thankfully we went on to win."

Croner have a successful resolution rate of over 85%, and handle in the region of 1,000 tribunal claims every year, which alleviated much of the stress and worry for Diane that tribunal cases can bring.

During Vogue Showhome and Croner's partnership, Diane has also liaised with a number of employment and safety consultants to assist with different affairs, and has been impressed every time.

"I have used Richard Willet, an employment law consultant, who has been very professional and helpful when handling a HR process for me

"In addition to this Kelvyn Jones, Health and Safety Officer, has been very helpful and has provided an excellent service."

As a user of the pioneering Croner Simplify software, Diane says that the system has revolutionised the way that Vogue Showhomes' internal records are kept, and has found the associated benefits of the system, such as document reviews and advice lines, invaluable.

"The Croner Simplify system has changed the way we record all employee records and has been extremely useful," she says.

"As was the Company Handbook that Richard put together for me, which has been used and distributed to all staff. In addition, I have found the helplines for providing information really useful.

"Croner have helped hugely in saving me a lot of time on paperwork and giving me the confidence to know I am following correct procedures.

"I can't praise Croner enough, their help and assistance during this past year has been amazing."

To find out more about Vogue Showhome, please contact 01789 868 838 To enquire about Croner's support, call 0808 145 3386

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