Long-term client, Wacoal has been utilising Croner’s services for over 15 years. The element of the service that keeps bringing them back is the 24 hour advice line. Anna Neale explains why...


Wacoal EMEA Ltd are a lingerie and swimwear manufacturer. A well-known brand, the organisation operates worldwide. Anna Neale, Head of Freya Design, a brand operating within Wacoal tells us a little about the company:

“We employ approximately 450 people across the company. Our main office is based in Desborough near Kettering, and we have an office / showroom in London too. We trade worldwide but Croner help specifically with those of us operating in the UK.

“Our organisation has changed hands and evolved over the years. Eveden was established as a branded lingerie company in 1920. In 1992 there was a management takeover, and we grew our brand portfolio. In 2012 Eveden was acquired by Wacoal Holdings.


Wacoal are long-term Croner clients, and have used the 24/7 advice line to assist with the issues that tend to crop up most in their industry.

We have a team of heads of department and directors. Each one is responsible for HR in their department or area of the business, Michaela Pinch, who is our Head of Customer Service, Distribution and HR, oversees HR for all of our employees in the UK.

“The type of advice we ask Croner for can relate to anything from managing performance to ensuring we are up to date with changes in employment law in terms of our contracts or annual leave allowance.”

How We’ve Helped

The organisation has utilised many of Croner’s different services over the years, but the one they keep coming back to is the advice line. Available 365 days a year, Croner’s advisors are able to assist on all things HR and employment law.

“We’ve been using Croner’s services for over 15 years now and I’d say we primarily use the advice line for employment law advice,” says Anna, “It’s imperative that we are compliant with current legislation, and we seek always to be operating as a best practice organisation.”

“How often we use the advice line depends on whether we’re dealing with an issue at the time. I have been happy with the advice I have received. I always try to stick to the first person I speak to when dealing with the same issue.

“I recently spoke to one of Croner’s advisors, Rob Pole. He was helping me deal with a performance issue and his advice proved very useful. We find him professional and his advice is clear and concise.

“Overall, we’re very happy with the service Croner provides and we’d recommend it to other manufacturers and those working in the retail industry seeking employment and HR advice.

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